It is hard to argue with the centrality of football to sporting culture which has set the legal profession several challenges since ESLJ’s inception. Hooligan subcultures featured in a number of early ESLJ pieces over a decade ago and later fan culture , whilst the wide aura of celebrity culture in the form of David Beckham was one vehicle a ESLJ contributor used to focus attention on image rights and contractual matters. 'The Long Life of Bosman' is also up for discussion in this collection and player mobility in general in an era when players agents’ arguably hold most of the cards (see also this reflection on the ‘pendulum of power’). As we get nearer to the present commerce’s influence grows with issues like financial fair play , the football creditors rule and insolvency figuring with attention also drawn to the likes of FIFA and UEFA and their role in policing matters financial. ESLJ contributors have considered other topics such as women’s football in a man’s world, broadcasting and even the powers of referees . ESLJ continues its ‘third official’ function from the sidelines and welcomes submissions addressing these or new/other areas within the field of legal football studies.





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