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Reading: Harmless Fun Can Kill Someone


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Harmless Fun Can Kill Someone


Sarah Thomson

Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Education, University of Keele
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‘Where there’s blame, there’s a claim’ is a quotation taken from a television commercial, which at the time of writing, is broadcast on Channel Five. It is the final written and verbal punch line promoting a personal injury claims service. The advertisement goes out frequently, particularly during the daytime and I have seen it displayed during evening schedules. Another firm also vying for the personal injury claims market attracts the viewers’ attention by showing a young boy in a public playground. In the background are slides and a climbing frame, the implication is that the boy has damaged his eyesight whilst playing and requires glasses because of his injury. (The use of the playground as a site for advertising this type of product is interesting; it obviously suggests that it has been identified as an area of potential complaint and compensation). Comforted by a reassuring voice- over, viewers are informed that this particular firm, on behalf of the boy’s mother, successfully claimed damages for her son’s injury. The advertisement concludes with the suggestion that the mother received a large payment as recompense for a presumed negligence. Similar commercials publicising different personal injuries claims services are broadcast on other terrestrial television channels.
How to Cite: Thomson, S. (2002). Harmless Fun Can Kill Someone. The Entertainment and Sports Law Journal, 1(1), 7. DOI:
Published on 20 Mar 2002.


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