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Reading: The Legality of Social Clubs' Disciplinary Procedures


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The Legality of Social Clubs' Disciplinary Procedures


Stephen C. Miller

Partner with MacRoberts Solicitors, Glasgow
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From time to time the worlds of leisure and law collide with unhappy consequences. We live in litigious times and, as a result, when the leisure, sport or social club member discovers that he faces discipline and perhaps expulsion from his club for a misdemeanour, he may be tempted to go to law in order to preserve his position. For that reason, the club’s management body will need to know the extent to which the court will interfere in its disciplinary and decision-making process. The purpose of this short piece is to outline some of the legal issues a management body would need to be aware of should that eventuality arise.
How to Cite: Miller, S. C. (2002). The Legality of Social Clubs' Disciplinary Procedures. The Entertainment and Sports Law Journal, 1(3), 6. DOI:
Published on 22 Sep 2002.


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