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Reading: The Trouble with Roy Keane


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The Trouble with Roy Keane


Mark James


This article analyses the potential legal actions that could arise out of Roy Keane’s challenge on Alf-Inge Haaland in the light of the comments attributed to Keane in his recently published autobiography. This challenge becomes all the more interesting because of these comments as it raises the possibility that every cause of action that has ever been used in this country in respect of an incident of participator violence may come into play. Throughout, the implications for contact sports of this kind of legal intervention and the ever-present argument over the need for the law to be used in these circumstances will be referred to. The incident is used as a reference point for the application of the law to disputes arising out of football matches and to highlight the public policy arguments for and against bringing the various causes of legal action.
How to Cite: James, M. (2002). The Trouble with Roy Keane. The Entertainment and Sports Law Journal, 1(3), 3. DOI:
Published on 22 Sep 2002.
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