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Reading: Facial Injuries and Football Before School


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Facial Injuries and Football Before School


Anne Ruff

Principal Lecturer in Law, Middlesex University
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Sir Alex Ferguson may be grateful that David Beckham did not seek legal redress for the injury caused to his left eyebrow by a flying football boot. In Kearn-Price v. Kent County Council [2002] EWCA Civ.1539, a 14-year-old pupil suffered a serious eye injury when he was struck by a football while standing in the school playground. The Court of Appeal dismissed the local education authority’s appeal against the decision of the county court that the school had been negligent in failing to prevent the injury to the pupil.
How to Cite: Ruff, A. (2003). Facial Injuries and Football Before School. The Entertainment and Sports Law Journal, 2(1), 5. DOI:
Published on 20 Mar 2003.