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Reading: Leeds United on Trial


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Leeds United on Trial


Steve Redhead

Professor of Law and Popular Culture in the School of Law, Manchester, Metropolitan University
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In these increasingly ‘libertarian’ though conservative times I want to raise a question about the nature of contemporary state intervention in popular cultural industries like football, especially through the judiciary, magistracy and police, but also in terms of a wider governance, indeed ‘governmentality’, of popular culture by governing bodies and by private and public companies like professional football clubs. I want to take as a case study the so-called ‘Leeds United trial’, although it is by no means the only example2 we could select. First let us set the scene for the case study.
How to Cite: Redhead, S. (2002). Leeds United on Trial. The Entertainment and Sports Law Journal, 1(3), 5. DOI:
Published on 22 Sep 2002.


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